Service Status Info

Service Status Info - June 20 04.00 EST/9.00 GMT - Vanquis Xtra customers only - If you use the Vanquis STB (Option 2) install then you will need to delete and reinstall the app due to a DNS change. The URL to install is still the same, but the app has been updated to accommodate the change.

If you ever have an issue, such as you cant login or the app wont load, then the first place you need be looking is this page HERE - this tells you what you can do before contacting us and tells you the info that we need from you. Emails such as 'it isnt working' and anything similar to this are useless to us in trying to determine the problem. A lack of any useful information only prolongs us getting your issue resolved. We always need as much information as possible. Thank you

Vanquis Xtra is our new Live TV service and the only one that we are going to be offering from now on. If you have an existing Vanquis TV account with us then this will not be affected until your time expires. All customers that renew will be moved to this service. You will be issued a new username and password and ALL the installs for this service are new and are on our Set-up page.  PLEASE NOTE THAT WE CANNOT SWAP ACCOUNTS BETWEEN SERVICES, SO PLEASE DONT ASK. THEY ARE 2 SEPARATE SERVICES RUN BY DIFFERENT PEOPLE.

We only post here if any issue is likely to be major. Always allow 5 minutes from when you have an issue just in case anything is being reset.

If you are adding further time to your TV account we recommend doing so at least 24 hours before it is due to expire to avoid any break in service. Any time that you add early gets added on top of any that you have remaining, so you do not lose any time.