On Demand Binding

The 'binding' info below is only for the separate On Demand service only (MFC). It is not relevant to the Live TV service.


  • BINDING ACCOUNTS - Accounts for this service are 'locked' to the first device that they are accessed on. We need all customers to 'bind' their accounts to an email address or phone number. We are having issues with some customers accounts that are not 'binded' as their device may have broken, they have changed device, or they wish to swap the one account between devices; but their account is tied to the original device. 'Binding' stops the account being locked to the first device that it was used on and enables it to be moved to a new device without the need to contact us. Please follow the steps below to 'bind' your account. ONLY 'BIND' ONE ACCOUNT TO ONE EMAIL ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER OR IT WILL COMBINE THE TIME TOGETHER INTO THE ONE ACCOUNT. If you have more than one account then you will need to 'bind' them to separate email addresses/phone numbers. If your email address gives an error during the 'binding' process then you will either need to use a phone number or create a gmail/outlook/yahoo email account. If you do not 'bind' your account and you need it unlocking then this may take up to a week to do, so we do advise to 'bind'. ALSO, WE ADVISE THAT YOU DO NOT MAKE ANY ADJUSTMENTS IN THE 'CLOUD' SECTION AS YOU RISK DELETING ALL THE PROVIDERS - IT IS BEST TO AVOID GOING INTO THIS SECTION COMPLETELY.

    BINDING PROCESS - To 'bind' the account go to the On Demand app home page on the device that you can access the account on, then to the account id towards the bottom right. When you click on that you will see the option to 'bind to an email address/phone number'. Follow the guide. You will create an account with a new password when you do this and then login with the email address/phone number and new password after 'binding'. DO NOT BIND MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT TO ONE EMAIL ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER.