Service Status Info


* If you have any issue then we need as much relevant info as possible in one email -
1. A full description of the issue in as much detail as possible
2. The device & the app that you are using
3. The channel/section, if it is a channel problem, and after how long of viewing it is happening
4. A photo of the login page with ALL the details visible if it is a login issue
5. Your internet provider and whether you are using a VPN
6. Always have a back-up app installed if you are using a device where thats possible, such as Amazon devices, Android boxes, Dreamlink/Formuler etc
7. Always reboot your device AND router first and clear the cache on the app that you use
If we keep getting emails with no workable info then you wont get a reply.

* We have a few instances of AT&T customers having issues logging in on both services. This is due to their Firewall settings in 'Smart Home Manager' app. If you have, or think you have this issue, then go to the 'Smart Home Manager' app, and then 'Firewall Options' and turn the Firewall off. Alternative you can go to 'Smart Home Manager' and then to the 'Message Center'. There you should have notifications of recently blocked URLs. In this section you can allow our server URLs through the Firewall. Contact us if you are unsure. DO NOT START CHANGING THINGS IN THE SMART HOME MANAGER IF YOU ARE NOT HAVING LOGIN ISSUES.